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(Our February newsletter is also still available online.)

MARCH 2017...


February was another busy month at the Lodge. We had a Super Bowl party, hosted Bingo at the Cameron Veteran's Home, the Gun Show, Valentine's Day dinner, officer nominations & elections, Wing Night, celebrated February birthdays and the 149th Birthday of the Order, have had great volunteers in the kitchen on Friday nights and bartending on Sunday's and much more. Looking at what's on the calendar for the next few months, it doesn't look like we are going to slow down any!! It's FANTASTIC to see so many members volunteering and supporting the Lodge!

BIG THANKS to Kenny Estes and Jimmy Donoho for heading up another successful Gun Show!! They put in many hours planning, prepping, hosting and finalizing the event. It is because of their dedication and leadership and because of the members that step up and volunteer that the event continues to be successful. If you see these guys, be sure to thank them for all they do!

It had been a while since we'd had a Valentine's Day Dinner at the Lodge, and the feedback we received was that everything was fantastic! Thank you to Dave Booth, Brett Romeiser, and Keith Kepner for grilling up the delicious steaks and to Larry & Lisa Wilson and Nicole Booth for helping prep everything for the evening and for being exceptional wait staff and cleanup crew! Thank you to everyone that chose to spend your Valentine's Day at the Lodge; and we are hoping we can do it again next year!

The Missouri Elks Dental Bus has arrived at the Lodge and we are VERY excited to be a host this year! It will be in service March 20th-30th. Here is info provided by the Benevolent Trust: "The Dental Bus serves the dental needs of eligible physically challenged children, and mentally challenged/developmentally disabled adults and children. They provide basic routine dental treatments including x-rays, exams, cleanings, fluoride treatments, fillings, routine extractions and referrals. Each year, dental procedures are performed on more than 3,000 patients. The value of these services is over $700,000.00. The Elks Dental Program is administered by the Missouri Department of Health, who has a contract with Truman Medical Center - Lakewood. The Hospital staffs these units, schedules the calls, completes the treatment, and reports the results to the Missouri Elks Benevolent Trust. The units cover the State and will be scheduled for the same area at nearly the same time each year. Units could be at Elks Lodges, Regional Health Centers, or other appropriate locations." If you would like more information or make a donation to support this wonderful cause, contact Steve Palmer or me.

Jeff Frampton is organizing a rib fundraiser and will be reaching out to people soon to make phone calls for orders and other various tasks that will go into making the event a success. If you'd like to help contact Jeff and he'll put you on the list!

Friday night kitchen volunteers and Sunday bartending volunteers continue to be great!! Thank you to those who have already volunteered. If you'd like to volunteer, contact me about the kitchen and Harvey Donoho about Sunday bartending.

The Ladies Auxillary have stepped up and had the kitchen professionally cleaned and the ceiling replaced, and it looks AMAZING!!!! There were many people involved in making this happen and HUGE thanks go out to each and every person involved in this huge task. THANK YOU!!

Be sure to get your nominations for Citizen and Elk of the Year turned in soon! They will be voted on at the March 20th meeting. Continue to keep an eye out for fun things going on at the Lodge in the months to come!! Support our Sponsors!

-- Amie Kepner, Exalted Ruler

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  • March 6
  • March 20


  • John VanDusen, proposed by Dave Booth
  • Debra Ann Howe, proposed by Roger Saccaro
  • Alan Nibarger, proposed by Roger Saccaro

We will vote on proposed members at our March 6 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is Monday, March 20.

As of February 16, our records indicate 49 members are past due. By statute, if a member remains delinquent they will be given notice and a list of delinquent members names posted on the Lodge Bulletin Board and read at a Lodge meeting. Our records may not be 100 percent accurate. Letters were sent to all past due members in February and names were read at the February 20th meeting. If you received a letter and believe you have already paid your 2016-2017 dues or if you are unsure if you have paid your 2016-2017 dues, please contact Steve Palmer at 660 247-3280. There is a list of delinquent members on the bulletin board at the Lodge. If you know someone on the list, let them know they are subject to being dropped as a member. The date for dropping 2016-2017 delinquent members will be March 17.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and get your taste buds ready!! Jeff Frampton is volunteering his time again to raise money for the lodge! Join him on March 1 at 6pm at the lodge to start selling ribs. Bring your cell phones fully charged and make some phone calls! Ribs will sell for $20 a slab and $2 for Lester's Lickin' Sauce (prepared by Les Cook). Ribs will be ready to be picked up on the first weekend of April. Saturday or Sunday Pickup will be available just in time for NCAA Championship Games.


March 1: Meet at the Lodge to start selling Ribs
March 6: Lodge Meeting 730pm
March 9: Social Committee Meeting 600pm
March 16: WINGS! $10 All U-Can-Eat!
March 20: Lodge Meeting 730pm (Initiation)
Dental Bus (March 20-30)
March 23: Birthday Celebrations (Breakfast Buffet)
Week of March 27: Rib Preparation (Watch for schedules around the Lodge.)
March 31: Steak Night

Nominations are also being accepted for Citizen and Elk of the Year. Voting will be on March 20. Submit your written nominations with a few sentences or paragraphs stating why you believe the individual you're nominating is qualified for the award to Amie Kepner, Steve Palmer or any officer. Nominations will also be solicited at each meeting between now and March 13.

The election of officers for the 2017-2018 year took place at the February 20 meeting. The results of the election are:

Exalted Ruler - Amie Kepner
Leading Knight - Brett Romeiser
Lecturing Knight - Marcia Weldon
Loyal Knight - Joey Rinehart
Treasurer - Kenny Estes
Secretary - Kim Heese
5-Year Trustee - Jeff Frampton

The rest of the Trustees are:
4-Year Trustee - Keith Kepner
3-Year Trustee - Dave Booth
2-Year Trustee - Danny Williams
1-Year Trustee - Fred Hinnen

Appointed positions will be announced in the April newsletter.

Our thanks to outgoing Trustee and Past Exalted Ruler, Darren Lauhoff, for his years of service to the Lodge.

In February, we completed several projects of which the Auxiliary is very proud. Prior to the gun show, we contacted various vendors to obtain estimates for a thorough cleaning of the Lodge's kitchen. Based upon the prices given and work to be completed, we decided upon ServPro. They came in on short notice and did a wonderful job cleaning on the limited budget and time frame with which we had to work. We received many nice compliments/acknowledgements about the job. Sandy Gwin and Jennifer Miller stayed with them the whole day working side by side to clean everything out of the kitchen, wash the walls and equipment down, and wash everything as it was being returned to the kitchen. Dr. Gwin assisted with moving everything out of the kitchen as well as returning items. Danny Williams took some of the larger items such as the shelving to be power washed and returned the same. Harvey Donoho and Danny Williams coordinated the removal, repair, cleaning and return of the deep fryer. Clark and Danny took this opportunity to get the tarp from the local high school and get it put down to cover the floor for the upcoming gun show. We would not accomplish what we do without the assistance and support of these men. They never know what we will get them into next.

The Auxiliary provided the concession stand for the February gun show. Vicki Lingard and Les Cook graciously agreed to be our cooks for Saturday and Sunday. As usual, we had awesome help breading tenderloins and working the concession stand so we want to thank Marcia Beemer, Nancy Guthrie, Jeannie Hinnen, Pat and Melvin Humphreys, Shirley Marriott, Dana Melte, Cheryl Riead, Jean Schottel, and Nancy Valbracht. A special thank you goes to George Hayward who graciously made and donated a large batch of beef stew for us to sell in addition to our usual menu and to Steve and Bev Howe for donating the hamburger. Of course, the concession would not be the same without the delicious pies donated - everyone looks forward to these homemade goodies so we want to thank everyone that made a contribution. The appreciation of the vendors makes this so worthwhile to us. Thank you Ray Downing for your cash donation to the Auxiliary; it is not necessary but greatly appreciated. The gun show was concluded by wonderful BBQ ribs cooked by Les Cook and Vicki Lingard and were enjoyed by everyone.

Inspired by the clean kitchen, Everett Shipp decided to replace the ceiling tiles in that area. Following the gun show Everett and Dr. Gwin and Danny Williams completed the project in one evening. Sandy Gwin and Jennifer Miller assisted by handing tiles, providing rinsed towels to the guys on the ladders so that the suspended ceiling grid could be washed and helped with clean up. It is amazing what a difference it made to compliment the clean kitchen. Our next project will be the floor!

Mark your calendars for April 6. Recently, while donating blood, Auxiliary members Sandy Gwin and Jennifer Miller were made aware that the Community Blood Center did not have anyone to sponsor their March or April blood drives. So naturally, we volunteered the Auxiliary. The Elks blood drive in August is reportedly the biggest in our area they have each year so we look forward to assisting them with another big turnout. We will need to call donors the week of the drive and will be looking for volunteers to make those calls as well as work the drive. Please contact Sandy Gwin or Jennifer Miller if you are interested in helping.

Spring is approaching fast. We look forward to future projects and again would like to extend the invitation for spouses of members to attend our meetings to help us support our lodge and community. We typically meet the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. If you would like more information, feel free to contact Sandy Gwin (816-853-2592) or Jennifer Miller (660-973-2174).   -- Ladies Auxiliary

For the foreseeable future, the Lodge will incur the expense of mailing newsletters to all members each month unless the member notifies Steve Palmer or Amie Kepner that they don't need it mailed to them. You can opt out of receiving a mailed newsletter and save the Lodge some expense by E-Mailing or by calling Steve or Amie. If you choose not to receive a mailed copy, the newsletter is always available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an E-Mail reminder when it is available by emailing You can also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of each month.

Information for APRIL Newsletter Deadline:
March 21, 2017
Please email any information to Nicole Booth at

Teamwork is the recipe for Local Lodge success

We will soon complete another very successful Local Lodge year, and this is due to your dedication and continued hard work in the name of Elkdom. Each Member should be very proud of the work he or she does for our veterans, our youth, our elderly and our communities. Each of you has truly lived up to my motto, "Elks ~ Leading the Way." I would personally like to thank all the outgoing Exalted Rulers, their Officers and their Lodges for the continued support of the many Grand Lodge programs, and especially for your donations to the Elks National Foundation, which as you all know is the Great Heart of Elkdom.

I would also like to recognize our current District Deputies and their District Esquires for their hard work and determination thus far this fraternal year. While their term of office does not end until the Grand Lodge Convention in July, each one of them has spent countless hours and has driven many miles traveling throughout their respective state in carrying out their duties, and promoting what it means to be an Elk. I know they will continue to work with the newly elected Officers who will guide the affairs of our Lodges in the coming year.

To our newly elected Exalted Rulers and Lodge Officers, I would like to thank each of you for stepping forward to lead your respective Lodge and continue to carry out the good works of our Order. You are now part of a team - make it cohesive by strengthening your relationship with your fellow Officers. View your service as the opportunity to make new friends in your Officer corps, and learn from your experience during your service as an Officer of your Lodge. An Exalted Ruler cannot do it alone. You should be proactive in seeking opportunities to be an important contributor to the advancement and success of your Lodge.

As you lead and support the activities in your Lodge, remember that your actions are supporting the concept of "Elks ~ Leading the Way." As Officers, you must be exemplars of "Brotherly Love." Be mindful of "taking the high road" when times get tense or conflict arises. Utilize the resources that have been provided by the Grand Lodge, your State Association and your District. Take advantage of the many educational opportunities that will be presented to you as an Officer. District Deputy Clinics provide a great opportunity to learn about Elkdom and the programs of the Grand Lodge. Do not forget that the Elks manuals are available for downloading at:

In closing, I wish each of you a very successful and rewarding year. I know you will set goals for your Lodge to meet, and with hard work, determination and the support from your Members, these goals can be and will be achieved.

And finally, thank you for being an Elk, and for Caring and Sharing.

Follow our travels at

Many THANKS to another successful Gun Show and to all of our volunteers who helped load in, watch the door, sell raffle tickets, sponsorships, & helped load out after an exhausting weekend. In no particular order...

Rob Trantham, Everett Shipp, Debbi Schaefer, Brenda Patchen, James Valbracht, Chris Ruppel, Gerald Noble, Keith Kepner, Donna Crabtree, Lanny Dixon, Roger Saccaro, Dave Booth, Mike Thompson, Abby Young, Brandon Young, Clark Gwinn, Greg Flick, Kim Heese, Paul Prichard, Dave Milligan, Joyce Mollohan, Marcia Weldon, Sondra Sturguess, Martha Berry

A Special THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors & the Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful concessions and all your hard work you continuously do in supporting the Elks. It does not go unrecognized and is greatly appreciated ~ Thank You Everyone ~ Kenny Estes

It takes approximately $50,000 annually just to open the doors of the Lodge, excluding food, beverage, labor and charitable donations. The electric bill alone is over $24,000 a year. We currently have 422 paid members. At $80 a year, dues for those 422 members generates $33,760. Of that amount, $7,807 goes to the State and National organizations. That leaves the Lodge with $25,953. That barely covers the electric bill. Additional funds used to come from members frequenting the Lodge, bringing friends and spending money on food and beverages. That activity has declined in recent years although a significant turn around is in evidence. As another method of increasing income, and after discussion at the February 6 at February 20 meetings, the Managing Body proposes increasing annual dues to $100, up from the current $80.

Although the Lodge voted at the February 20 meeting to increase dues to $100 for the 2017-2018 year, along with a guarantee that they would not increase for at least 2 years, an increase in dues requires an amendment to the Lodge By-Laws. This paragraph serves as written notice of a proposed amendment to the Lodge By-Laws to increase Lodge dues to $80 plus State and National assessments, or $100. A vote on that proposed amendment will be held at the March 20 meeting. Anticipating approval of the amendment, dues notices for $100 will be mailed to all members soon. Should the amendment fail, any member who pays the invoiced $100 will receive a refund.

We hope to count on your vote as well as your continued support of the Lodge, whether through serving as an officer, volunteering to cook a Friday night meal, volunteering as a Sunday bartender, volunteering for any of the events of the Lodge (Hoop Shoot, Soccer Shoot, Golf Tournament, Gun Shows, Veterans Dinner, Appreciation Night, etc.) or through your patronage.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

25 John Guthrie
25 David Mehrhoff
27 Paul Steele
27 Don Worthington
28 James Bailey
28 James Chapman Jr
MARCH 2017
1 Robert Howe
2 Joe Haley
2 Bill Raney
3 Joe Garrison
3 Brian Long
3 Dianne Roberts
4 Susan Martz
6 Mike Miller
8 Donald Overton
8 Gary Veach
9 Jay Jones
11 Shane Baxter
11 Scott Englert
12 Nathan Scott
13 Douglas Girres
13 Kelly Toole
13 Mary Vulgamott
14 Rich Anderson
14 Don James
14 Michael Lowe
15 Ryan Jenkins
16 Carl Morgan
16 Robert Stewart
17 James Alford
19 Jim Laffey
19 David Moore
21 Fred Hinnen
21 Mark McCauslin
22 Ron Haas
23 Tom Chapman
23 Kirby Layman
23 James Sprong
24 Alan Miles
25 Cryssa Smith
26 Jarrod Marshall
27 Norman Curnow
27 Danny Hoyt
27 Terry McBee
27 Dennis Spears
28 Clint Isaacs
30 Jana Brobst
30 Allan Timmons

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