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OCTOBER 2016...


Another month has flown by, and Fall is here!!

We've heard many great comments from those about receiving the newsletter again last month. It's been great to see faces we haven't seen in a while, and they've told me it's because they remembered to check the refrigerator and look at their newsletter! As with anything new, we are still working out a few kinks here and there and appreciate those who have contacted us with updates and suggestions. The newsletter is made possible by many GREAT sponsors! If you would like to be a sponsor please let me know!!

We received the final count on our Annual Blood Drive, and we had 111 donors!!! That is awesome!!! Thank you to everyone who made phone calls, worked the day of the event, spread the word, and especially to those able to donate! Thank you, Bev Howe, for once again heading up this wonderful cause and making it so successful!

Harvey Donoho is still looking for donations for the patio project he has so graciously agreed to head up! He has commitments for approximately 1/2 of the funds needed. He'd REALLY like to be able to get the job done before bad weather sets in, so if you are planning on donating let Harvey, Martha or I know. If all of the funds aren't gathered in time to replace it before winter, he will continue to get donations in hopes of doing it as early in the Spring as possible once all of the money is raised.

We held our Soccer Shoot last weekend - yes, even after all the rain that we had last week!! I want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Roger Brick for all he does for the Shoot. Roger is VERY knowledgeable about soccer and has made our Shoot run smoothly for many years. Many thanks also to the awesome volunteers: Kenny Estes, Kim Heese, Steve Palmer, Gerry Noble, Marcia Weldon, Arch Haslar and Debbie Schaffer. The Soccer Shoot is a great event for the youth; and I know all of the volunteers always have fun doing it. THANK YOU!!!

I attended the Missouri Elks State Convention last weekend in Jefferson City with Brett & Rachel Romeiser, Nicole Booth, and Amy Brauer. Conventions are great to reconnect with fellow Elks from around the State and hear ideas other Lodges are doing that we can bring back to our Lodge, as well as share ideas we do that might benefit someone else. It was amazing to hear how great our Lodge is doing and knowing it's because of all of our officers, members and their spouses, the ladies auxiliary, and our employees. It takes ALL of us caring about our Lodge and continuing to do the things we do to make it better and better every day. Nicole was instrumental in the Northwest District raising $1,020 on Saturday to donate to the Benevolent Trust. Way to go NICO!!! If you are in the Lodge, please pick up a copy of the Elks Shozem that displays great things Elks across the State are doing. Our Lodge is featured in the written publication as well as the on-line publication that is shared on our Facebook page. Be sure to check it out and be proud of your Lodge!

The Excelsior Springs Lodge will be stopping by our Lodge on October 8th during their Lodge Crawl. They plan to arrive between 11:30 and Noon. Please some out and welcome them as they visit our Lodge!

The Missouri Elks State President, John Gross, and his wife Sarah, will be visiting our Lodge on October 14th. They visit every single Lodge in the State during their term. PLEASE come out and welcome them and show them how proud we are of our Lodge!!

The Purple Ball/ER Ball will be held October 29th and will be a Harvest Party!! If you want to wear your Halloween Costume feel free to do so. If you don't want to dress up - that's fine too! Kenny will be playing music, we will be frying up fish and ask that everyone bring a side dish to share with everyone. We will have a couple of things going on to raise some money for much needed things at the Lodge so we hope everyone can join us for the fabulous food and festivities.

-- Amie Kepner, Exalted Ruler

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These hours were voted on at the 9/19/2016 meeting:

Sunday Noon-7pm (hard close at midnight)
Monday-Friday 3pm-9pm (hard clost at 1:30am)
Saturday Noon-9pm (hard close at 1:30am)

If 3 or more members are present at the posted closing time, the Lodge may remain open later or until less than 3 members are present. Under NO circumstance may the Lodge remain open past midnight on Sunday or 1:30 am Monday thru Saturday.



  • September 30 - Steak Night (reservations required)
  • October 14 - State President's Visit
  • October 17 - DDGER Inspection


  • October 3
  • October 17


  • Jeremy Jack Hudson, proposed by Kenny Estes
  • Terry Wilson, proposed by Dennis Sturguess

We will vote on proposed members at our October 3 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is Monday, November 21.

The Auxiliary is gearing up for the annual Holiday Bazaar to be held Saturday, November 19, 2016. We have have started making some preliminary contacts with past vendors to determine who is in again this year. If you are aware of anyone that might have a great product line they would like to showcase at the bazaar, please give them our contact information or tell us about them so we can contact them.

We have been asked if we could have a fall garage sale. This is is something we will gladly consider provided we have enough interest. Again, let us know if this is something of interest to you.

It has been a quiet summer, but we are resuming our monthly meetings. Hopefully, we will be involved in more activities and thus have more to share. On a thankful note, Sandy Gwin has been helping in the kitchen on occasion when someone has to be off. A request was made of the auxiliary for help, and as usually Sandy took on the responsibility. It is great to have someone so giving among us. -- Ladies Auxiliary

I was able to attend the State Elks Convention in Jefferson City and met Elks from all over the state. I heard what different Elks managers were doing and noted some new ideas that we may be able to introduce to the Chillicothe Lodge. It was a great time and a great way to see how amazing the Elks Organization is all over the state! Don't forget - we are placing orders for t-shirts and sweatshirts soon. The samples of the shirts are displayed on the member side with pricing and order sheets available. Please take a look and let me know if you are interested.  --- Amy Brauer

When we say the Social Committee is planning on adding events... We add events! We hope everyone enjoyed the successful Thursday evenings for the Lodge in the Month of September. Don't let it stop there.

Take a look at the calendar for October:

14 President's Visit & Steak Night
20 Celebration of October Birthdays - Dinner is FREE WILL DONATION
21-23 Fall Gun Show
29 Fall Harvest Party Fish Fry and Evening of Fun - Costumes welcome

Our next Social Committee Meeting will be October 6th at 6pm.

** Discussion of Veterans Day Meal & New Year's Eve
**Chili Cook-off has been moved to November
** Poker Run will be rescheduled for Spring - STAY TUNED!

Even though the turnout was a little less this year for the shoot, on September 17, local & area students enjoyed competing, and there was even a tie in the 12-year-old age group. A new age group of 14-16 year olds opened this year which drew some attention. The district soccer shoot was held on September 25th, and information and names moving on to state will be published in November Newsletter. Thank you to the volunteers who made the events successful!



With emphasis on Shooting and Sportsmen
This show features an exciting mixture of Guns, Knives, Ammo & Accessories.

October 21, 22, 23, 2016

Friday, 5 pm - 8 pm
Saturday, 9 am - 6 pm
Sunday, 9 am - 2 pm

Friday, October 21, 2016, Noon to 5 pm

$7.00 Per Day
Under 6 - Free!

24-Hour Security Provided

Food and Drinks Available
(Served by our Ladies Auxiliary)

For Tables: Jim Donoho 816-668-3667

Elks Play Vital Role In Supporting the Youth

Elks have a proud history of supporting the youth of America, and now that summer is over and the children are back to school, every Lodge should be in high gear with their Youth Activities program.

You should make your communities aware that the Elks are committed to providing a sound and well-rounded Youth Activities program. Planning and implementing a comprehensive program will demonstrate to your community that "Elks are Leading the Way" and are dedicated to the youth of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Franklin D. Roosevelt famously said, "We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." What better way to prepare today's youth than to provide them with a well-rounded Youth Activities program? As Elks we should be loud and proud of our many programs that benefit the nation's youth.

My theme for the 2016-17 Grand Lodge year is "Elks - Leading the Way." Our Elks Lodges throughout America have been leading the way for many decades by sponsoring and supporting numerous youth activities in their communities, which include giving the "Gift of Words" by distributing dictionaries to grammar school students, awarding scholarships for graduating high school seniors, sponsoring Teenager and/or Student of the Month/Year recognition programs, Hoop Shoot, National Youth Week, youth sports programs, including junior golf, bowling and Soccer Shoots, and the Americanism Essay Contest. Many of our Lodges sponsor Scout troops and junior Elks, and provide both a safe meeting environment for them at the Lodge and the encouragement they need to succeed. Recognizing youth in your community is one of the most rewarding things your Lodge can do. Among the foremost civic awards an Elks Lodge can award is either the Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Silver or Gold Award. The youth who receive these awards will never forget that the local Elks were interested enough to award them a certificate of their accomplishments.

I am certain that your Lodge has scheduled many activities to benefit the youth of our nation and to demonstrate that "Elks" continue "Leading the Way."

Thank you for being an Elk and for Caring and Sharing.

For more information about the many Elks Youth Programs, please visit the Grand Lodge Activities Committee page at Follow our travels at

We currently have 462 members, 57 of whom are still past due. A list of those past due is posted on the hallway bulletin board. If you have yet to pay your 2016-2017, please do so. Your membership card will be mailed to you shortly after payment is received. If you know a past due member, please reach out to them and encourage them to renew their membership. In particular, if you proposed a past due member, see what you can do to get them to renew their membership. Usually a personal invitation is the best way.




Let your fellow members, particularly our newest ones, know that the newsletter and calendar are available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an email reminder advising when it is available by emailing You may also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of the month. Finally, you may request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting any bartender or Steve Palmer.

Information for November Newsletter Deadline:
October 17, 2016

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MENUS AND CALENDAR... click here
The monthly calendar is provided on a separate page for easier printing. The page will open in a new window that you may view and/or print. Close the window when done.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

22 Bryce Anderson
22 Donald Capps
22 Dwain Ireland
22 Paul Prichard
23 Mike Schneider
23 Terry Smith
23 James Valbracht
25 Michael Bosler
25 Dan Graham
25 Pat Kinsella
25 Bob Sherrow
26 Wilma Graham
26 Mark Walsh
27 Floyd Davis
27 Bob Dimmitt Jr
27 Phyllis VanDeventer
27 Danny Williams
29 Dennis Kennebeck
1 Kay Smith
3 Melinda Kimmis
3 Stephen Voorhies
3 David Walker
5 Terry Albertson
6 Ronald Mayers
7 Kevin Jeschke
8 Russ Thompson
8 Terry Tipton
9 Paul Ficken
10 Steve Palmer
12 Clark Carlton
12 Darrin Young
16 Christopher Wever
17 Arte Boon
17 Butch Shaffer
19 Ed Englert
20 Jimmie Richey
21 Butch Clark
21 Rhonda Webb
22 Stephen Biggerstaff
22 David Milligan
22 Terry Nibarger
23 Jim Bonderer
23 Tony Winsor
25 Ce Pete Saale
27 David Brobst
27 Steven Mason
27 Matt Wenzel
28 Dennis Drummond
30 Robert Grouse
30 Mary Louise Haynes
31 Warren Culling
31 Bernie Hogan

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