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(Our December newsletter is also still available online.)

JANUARY 2017...


I can't believe it is already 2017!!! Time flies when we're having fun right? With that in mind, the Elks fiscal year ends March 31st, and it's time to be thinking about 2017-2018 Officers. Officers for next year will be nominated at the 1st meeting in February. There are a couple of positions we know we will need officers for next year for sure. If you are interested in being an officer and have questions, contact any current officer and talk with them. If you would like to be nominated for an office, talk to someone about nominating you. It is always GREAT to have members interested in getting involved and having more than one person nominated for a position is a positive thing! It means people want to be involved and that is GREAT!!

Elk and Citizen of the Year nominations are due by the 1st meeting in February. Additional information can be found in the newsletter. If you know someone deserving of either of these awards, contact me or any other officer or be sure to be at the February 6th meeting to nominate them. If you wish to do so anonymously, leave the name and an explanation of why you think they are deserving of one of the awards in a sealed envelope with a bartender who will be sure it gets to the proper committee.

I would like to thank everyone that attended the annual Memorial Service on December 4th. This is one of my favorite services as we take time to remember our departed members. It was great talking with many of you after the service, and I was happy to see so many stay for lunch and visit. Thank you Brett Romeiser and Keith Kepner for cooking lunch after the service!

There have been many members mention they miss the Friday nights when we used to have the Queen of Hearts drawing. Well... we are working on starting something VERY similar, almost identical, but there are a few small differences. It may be called CRAZY ACES or CHASE THE ACE!!! At the time the newsletter was due, we were still trying to work out all of the details. Keep an eye out around the Lodge for the specifics. We will print off copies and have the rules available as soon as we can. We are hoping to start this drawing in January.

If you are planning on bowling in this year's Elks State Bowling Tournament, please check to be sure you have your current year's membership card. Only Elks in good standing in a Lodge in the State of Missouri are eligible to participate and must have a paid up card. The entry deadline is January 30th. If you have lost your card and need a new one printed please let us know. It will take a few days to get one printed so please allow time to have this done. There are always several teams representing Chillicothe #656 and it is greatly appreciated!! We will be host to the 2018 Bowling Tournament and are VERY excited to have the tournament again!

The Missouri Elks Spring State Convention will be held March 17, 18 & 19th in Jefferson City. If you are interested in going, please let Steve Palmer or myself know as soon as possible. Conventions are a great way to meet other Elks across the state and get ideas to bring home to better our lodge as well share experiences from our lodge with others to possibly give them ideas.

Our Friday night food nights continue to be successful, and I can't express how awesome it is to have so many members stepping up to help in the kitchen!! In addition to the Friday Night Special prepared and/or served by members, the menu is also available every Wednesday and Friday night. If what is planned for the special doesn't sound good to you, come on out and have something delicious from the menu! If you'd like to help out in the kitchen on a Friday night, let me know!!

Remember to check the calendar to see what is going on at the Lodge!  ...Amie

-- Amie Kepner, Exalted Ruler

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  • January 2
  • January 16


  • Roy McNew, proposed by Everett Shipp

We will vote on proposed members at our January 2 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is Monday, January 16.

Happy New Year! It is hard to believe another year has passed, and we are starting all over again. We hope the New Year will be good to the lodge and allow us to continue to support our members and community.

  • The November Holiday Bazaar had not yet occurred at the time the last newsletter was submitted. We had great help and logged another successful event. We had a number of awesome vendors this year - some regulars as well as new. We truly appreciate everyone that volunteered to help with our concession stand and the door. We couldn't do it without you.
  • In December, we had the State Bank Distinguished Citizen's event. We were truly blessed with your donation of cookies. Everyone looks forward to the nice variety. After the event we shared the remaining cookies with a few members present at the lodge as well as to the local fire department and police department. Thank you to Joan Holcer, Diane McKiddy, Pat Humphreys, Bev Howe, Shirley Marriott, Terri Willard and Sandy Gwin for helping serve and to the many bakers out there that donated cookies.
  • This year, the Auxiliary adopted a local family to help during the holidays. We became aware of a young woman with seven children that could benefit from a helping hand. She has two sets of twins under the age of three still in diapers. It was decided that in order for her to provide a Christmas for her children, we would assist with the necessities. We paid her rent for the month of December and provided everyday items such as toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, diapers, baby wipes, etc. We also purchased a dresser and received a donated potty chair from Pat and Melvin Humphreys that we delivered. The woman told us that she could not believe any organization was this generous to a total stranger and that she had cried when told that we paid her rent for the month. She shared that this will be the first Christmas in four years that she would be able to do something for her own children. This served as a reminder how blessed so many of us are that we have more than we need.
  • The Auxiliary was the beneficiary of a monetary gift from the Mildred Hilt Trust. This shows how much the Elks meant to Mildred. We were honored to have been the recipient of such a thoughtful gift.

The month of January looks really quiet. However, in February, we will gear up again for the annual winter gun show. We will be asking again for your assistance providing delicious pies that the vendors and public have come to expect as well as helping with the concession stand. If you are able to assist even for just a few hours, please let one of us know. It isn't work when you get to spend time with good, fun people. So let the New Year begin!  -- Ladies Auxiliary

Welcome to January 2017!!! You may have noticed a few new faces around the lodge. Stop by the bar and say hello to Mary, Tara & Julie... they are happy to help you quench your thirst. The year 2017 will start off a little slower, but we will be working on getting some new ideas at the bar and NEW specials. If you need a place to hold a meeting or have a large event, make sure you check out our facility - it has more than enough space on the banquet side for daytime, night time, weekend or weekday events... and a cozy more personal feeling for smaller groups on the member's side for daytime events. Call 660-646-5350 to setup a time to take a look. See you around the lodge!

Click on image for a closer view.

We will be open our normal hours on New Year's Day - noon till midnight. If at any time after 7pm, there are less than three members, the bartender can close. The bowl games will be on the TVs, and the Chiefs play the Chargers at 3:25!! There may even be a guest bartender!!  --- Amy Brauer


Sometimes checking out a social event is all it takes to peak your interest... Keep up with the calendar to see what you're interested in...

Jan 1 - Cleanup from New Year's Eve (1pm)
Jan 12 - WINGS 6pm $10 ALL YOU CAN EAT!
Jan 19 - Celebration of January Birthdays (Free Will Donation Meal)
FEBRUARY 5th - Super Bowl Party!

Our next Social Committee Meeting will be January 10 at 6pm.
Please join us!

Start Thinking...
In addition to the nominations for the 2017-2018 officers, the deadline for the Elk & Citizen of the Year nominations is also February 6th. The Elk of the Year cannot be a Lodge Officer and only one Elk can be chosen. This should be an Elk that has contributed significantly in support of the Lodge and its functions and that has gone above and beyond the past year. The Citizen of the Year does not have to be an Elk. It should be someone who has contributed in a special way to improving the local community. This individual should have shown leadership in the community, contributed voluntary service and been an all-around good citizen. If you know someone deserving of either of these awards, contact any officer or be sure to be at the February 6th meeting to nominate them. If you wish to do so anonymously, leave the name and an explanation of why you think they are deserving of one of the awards in a sealed envelope with a bartender who will be sure it gets to the proper committee.

The February Gun Show will be here before we know it, and Kenny is in the beginning phases of planning. He will need LOTS of help contacting sponsors for the annual donation among other things. Please contact Kenny and let him know you are willing to give him a hand. February 10, 11, 12, 2017

We currently have 466 members, 53 of whom are still past due. A list of those past due is posted on the hallway bulletin board. If you have yet to pay your 2016-2017, please do so. Your membership card will be mailed to you shortly after payment is received. If you know a past due member, please reach out to them and encourage them to renew their membership. In particular, if you proposed a past due member, see what you can do to get them to renew their membership. Usually a personal invitation is the best way.

For the foreseeable future, the Lodge will incur the expense of mailing newsletters to all members each month unless the member notifies Steve Palmer or Amie Kepner that they don't need it mailed to them. You can opt out of receiving a mailed newsletter and save the Lodge some expense by E-Mailing or by calling Steve or Amie. If you choose not to receive a mailed copy, the newsletter is always available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an E-Mail reminder when it is available by emailing You can also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of each month.

Information for FEBRUARY Newsletter Deadline:
January 18, 2017
Please email any information to Nicole Booth at

Let's all resolve to retain and grow membership

January 1 represents the fresh start of a new year after a period of remembrance of the passing year. With this New Year, let's all pledge to strengthen and grow our Lodges by making personal contact with those Members who are in arrears. Exalted Rulers and Lodge Secretaries, now is the time to enlist your Lodge's Membership and Lapsation Committee to make telephone calls and face-to-face personal visits to our brothers and sisters who have not visited the Lodge in the past year. Remember, a forgotten Member is a lost Member.

Also, every Lodge has a pool of prospects for reinstatement. Members who, for whatever reason, dropped their membership, once upon a time had at least one good reason to join our Order. These former Members should not be forgotten. Personal contact with them will often produce positive results. Be sure to inform them of the many worthwhile programs your Lodge sponsors for the good of the community, and encourage them to rejoin our efforts.

At the Grand Lodge Convention this past July, I requested every Exalted Ruler to return to their respective Lodge and add every Lodge Officer to the Lodge Membership Committee. Challenge each of them to sponsor just one new Member in the coming year. If every Lodge Officer in every Lodge nationwide proposed just one new Member, it would result in attracting 28,000 new Members nationwide.

As you may know, "the Lifeblood of Our Order" is our membership. While we have shown tremendous improvement in the number of Members lost over the past couple of years, the fact remains that our membership will continue to decline unless we can generate Member and public confidence in our purposes and programs.

Let's resolve to rekindle the pride we had when we joined, and perpetuate that same fervor in each new Member when he or she joins. That pride and knowledge we embrace, properly cultivated in the hearts of our Members, and keeping the membership informed and involved, are the solutions to retaining and growing our membership.

Together Elks Add Members.

Donna and I wish you and your family happiness and success in the coming year. Follow our travels at

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

28 Chad Brotherton
28 Danny Hind
28 Glenn Tharp
29 William Ross
30 Dr Clark Gwin
1 David Bevelle
1 Dan Boylan
1 Mike Colgan
1 Sara Gillilan
1 James Perry
1 Gary Ralls
2 Eric Rasmussen
3 William Thompson
6 Stan Hayward
6 Timothy Hess
8 Larry Brotherton
10 Dale Torrey
11 Les Hinnen
11 Pat McCoy
12 William Edmisson
13 Reed Dupy
13 Everett Shipp
14 David Booth
16 Lowell Laffey
16 Larry Melte
17 Robert Staton Jr
18 Roger Grant
18 James Lowe
18 Russ Madsen
19 Robert Graham
22 Roger Saccaro
24 Robert Hornsby
24 Brett Romeiser
27 David Mapel
27 Gary Wayman
28 Chris Ruppel
28 Spencer Sutton
29 Dennis Albertson Jr
30 Lamar Moore
31 David Miller

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