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AUGUST 2014...


The days of summer are slipping by quickly, so I hope that everyone is enjoying them. I attended the Elks National Convention that was held in New Orleans this year. Over 9,000 Elks attended from all across the United States. Once again, Missouri took top honors with collecting the most deer hides (3,464) for the Veteran's Leather Glove program. We were fortunate to have both the male and female Most Valuable Student recipients speak at one of our meetings. Both of these students received $50,000 scholarships from the Elks. We were also joined by the national Hoop Shoot winners, and all new Grand Lodge officers were installed.

Another successful golf tournament is in the books. A huge Thank You to Steve and Gary for once again taking on the task of organizing and planning this event for us. It takes many hours of hard work from dedicated volunteers and many thanks to all of those people and to the sponsors who continue to support this fundraiser for us. Thank you all for making this successful!

When you come to the Lodge, be sure to take time to check out our new trophy case. Thanks to Mildred Hilt for purchasing it for us in memory of her husband, Stanley. It's a great addition to our Lodge and we all appreciate her generosity.

If you haven't received your new membership card, you are delinquent on your dues. We are a great organization who contributes back to our community for youth and veterans, and we need your support. Please get them paid!

Thanks to all of you who help out around the Lodge and to our wonderful staff and officers who help to keep things running smoothly. Come out and see us soon!

--- Martha Berry, Exalted Ruler

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  • August 21 - Blood Drive
  • September 13-15, Fall State Convention, Jefferson City
  • September ?? - Soccer Shoot, 9:00. Volunteers needed
  • October 4 - Cameron Veterans Home Bingo. Volunteers needed.


  • No meeting August 4
  • August 18 - Initiation


Our next initiation ceremony is August 18.


The Fall State Convention is scheduled for September 13-15 in Jefferson City. If you are interested in attending, please contact either Steve or Martha.


The Lodge will conduct the annual soccer shoot probably sometime in September. The event will be held at the practice fields on the east side of Litton Road across from Danner Park. The event is open to all youth between the ages of 4 and 13 as of their August 1 birthdays. The event should be over by noon. Volunteers will be needed for this event. Contact Brian Anderson or Steve Palmer or sign up on the volunteer sheet on the door of the office to help. We'll need about 12 volunteers for things to go smoothly. If you haven't volunteered lately, this is a wonderful opportunity to do so.


The Lodge only meets once in the month of August - on August 18. Due to Labor Day falling on Monday, September 1, we will also meet only once in September - on September 15. We will resume our twice monthly schedule in October.


Grand Exalted John D. Amen was installed as the Elks Grand Exalted Ruler at the Grand Lodge Convention in New Orleans, LA, in July, 2014.

Every journey starts with a single step

...and this is that first step. We have a wonderful climb ahead of us, but "together, we can!"

Marcia and I express our thanks and gratitude for the special help and support we have had from many Elks in leading up to this position, and we promise to fulfill your expectations to the best of our ability. We look forward to seeing you in our travels and making many new friends throughout our nation of Elkdom.

First, let me explain a little bit about our motto this year, "Elks: Elevating America." Elks elevate, or lift up America by their good works in their communities. The good works make America a better place to live and work. When we go into a Veterans hospital and entertain the patients with a game of cards or a healthy snack we are "Elevating America." We make our country higher and better than before we performed that voluntary act. When we grant a scholarship to a student who would otherwise miss the opportunity to attend college, we "Elevate America." The work to educate our young regarding the dangers of illicit drugs carries forward the theme: "Elks: Elevating America." Likewise, when we help a fellow Elk who is sick or in distress, we are taking a step toward our motto: "Elks: Elevating America." I think you now have the meaning of what is meant by our motto.

Our per capita goal for our great charity, Elks National Foundation, is continued at $4.60 per Member. I am hopeful that every Lodge will work hard to meet or surpass this goal and become eligible for the Gratitude Grant and use it to "Elevate America." There is no better way to show the world that "Care - Share" than a visible community project, financed by our great charity and our individual efforts to meet the per capita goal!

We must also be mindful that "charity begins at home." We must be sensitive to needs within our ranks, and we must keep our Lodges financially sound in order to do our great work. If we keep in mind the true meaning of charity and are loud and proud of our accomplishments, we will achieve our goals.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve this great Order as your national leader. Marcia and I look forward to making many new friends on our journeys and thanking them for "Elevating America."

P.S. Remember to carry a tri-fold membership application in your pocket - you never know when you might need it.


At this time, 48 members are past due. Delinquent members as of August 31 will be dropped from the roles of the Lodge. Prior to doing so, per our by-laws, their names will be published in the September edition of the newsletter. Once dropped, members can reinstate by payment of a $25 reinstatement fee and prorated dues.

We need your help in encouraging past due members to renew their memberships. A personal invitation is the best way to do so. A list of past due members is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway.

If you know you are past due, won't you consider submitting your dues payment now?


The Lodge will once again host its annual Community Center Blood Drive on Thursday, August 21, at the United Methodist Church. We'll need about 8 volunteers to call prospective donors a couple of days before the event (date yet to be determined) and people to staff the refreshment station during the drive which lasts from noon until 6:00. To volunteer, sign up on the sheet on the office door or contact Bev Howe or Steve Palmer. The drive will not be successful without volunteers.

The Red Cross will host at least one blood drive between now and then. The Community Blood Center is the sole provider of blood to Hedrick Medical Center. If you're inclined to donate, or know of someone who is, encourage them to wait until our drive to donate, when it counts the most.

To schedule an appointment to donate, call Steve Palmer at 660-247-3280.


Thanks to Steve Howe and Gary Willard and a host of volunteers, staff and teams for making the 18th annual Golf Tournament a success. Check the September newsletter for a detailed list of thank you's.


Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken.
Morning and noon may pass him by,
the light of day sink heedlessly in the West,
but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall,
the chimes of memory will be pealing forth the friendly message:
"To our absent members."

We remember those Elks who have passed away since April 1, 2013.

Jean Sears
Blake Briner
John Amorosa
Gerald Switzer
Gene Carlton
Ron Rinehart
David Speicher

Let your fellow members, particularly our newest ones, know that the newsletter and calendar are available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an email reminder advising when it is available by emailing You may also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of the month. Finally, you may request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting any bartender or Steve Palmer.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

JULY 2014
31 Jason Graves
31 David Mattingly
31 Fred Simmer
1 Terry Clevenger
2 Gary Bellis
3 Daniel Ross
6 Butch Bonderer
8 Adam Perry
9 D Anderson
9 Frank Chaney
10 Sam Gray
10 Ron Lame
11 Lee Caughron
11 Amie Kepner
11 Pete Madison
12 Steve Howe
14 Edwin Turner
15 Kathy Price
16 Esther Houston
16 E L Reed
18 Garry Mosley
18 Dave Quigley
19 Randy Lee
20 Jason Montgomery
20 Gary Summy
21 Ron Koehly
21 Robert Trantham
22 Lanny Dixon
22 Bob Pyrtle
22 Ron Wolf
23 John Warren
25 Jim Donoho
25 Larry Gastineau
25 Gary Willard
26 Donnie Rogers
27 Eric Pollard
29 Kyle Marcolla
30 Kimberly Riddle
31 Don Dennis

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