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DECEMBER 2015...


There has been lots of activity at the Lodge and more to come with the approaching holiday season.

Thanks to Jim Donoho and many volunteers, the first Fall Gun Show was a great success and plans are being made for another one next year. Thanks also to the Ladies for once again providing a fantastic concession stand that included many delicious desserts!

Our annual Veteran's Appreciation Dinner served approximately 150 veterans and their guests. Many thanks to Nicole and Brett for heading it up this year and also to all of the volunteers who were able to help out. Boy Scout Troop 121 and their leaders always jump in and assist with serving and clean up - thank you to all of them!

The Hoop Shoot will be held at the YMCA on Saturday morning, December 12, at 10 AM. Volunteers are needed, and a sign up sheet is posted on the office door. Thank you Joyce for getting this organized.

Celebrity bartenders will be working each Saturday in December. Come out and participate... all of the tips will be donated to a specified charity.

It is once again our turn to help with Bingo at the Cameron Veterans Home. We need several volunteers to assist with this on Saturday, December 5. A sign up sheet is posted on the office door.

The Memorial Service for deceased members will be held on Sunday, December 6, at 3:00 PM. Please plan to attend to honor our absent members.

As most of you know, we have implemented a new POS system at the Lodge. It still has a few glitches so your patience with our staff and the system is very much appreciated. It's a learning process for all of us, but the end result will make our Lodge much more efficient. A big thank you to Joanann and our staff for their efforts. They are doing their best to serve you through this transition. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Plans are being made for a fantastic New Year's Eve party to ring in 2016. The Katatonics Band will be providing the music. Dinner will be included along with appetizers and favors. Advanced tickets will be available soon. Get ready for a fun evening!

Best Wishes to all for a wonderful Thanksgiving - may you enjoy it with family and friends. It seems early, but since this is the December issue, I want to also wish to each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!

Come out and enjoy your Lodge - we have fantastic food and the coldest drinks in town!

--- Martha Berry, Exalted Ruler

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  • Shop with A Cop Dance - November 25
  • Cameron Veterans Home Bingo - December 5. Volunteers needed.
  • Elks Memorial Service - Sunday, December 6, 3:00
  • Hoop Shoot - December 12, 10:00 a.m. at YMCA. Volunteers needed.
  • New Year's Eve Party - December 31


  • December 7
  • December 21


  • Ryan Coulter, proposed by Brenda Patchen
  • Patricia Adams, proposed by Brenda Patchen
  • Amy Young, proposed by Terry Breer
  • Tracy Lee Clevenger, proposed by Jim Donoho
  • Judy Quinn, by reinstatement, proposed by Martha Berry
  • Jay Jones, by reinstatement, proposed by Martha Berry

We will vote on proposed members at the December 7 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is January 18.

Join us on December 31 for a great New Year's Eve Party - Hors d'oeuvres (shrimp, cheese and crackers), dinner, dessert, bottle of champagne, party favors and a band, Katatonics, all for $25 a person, $40 a couple, $140 for a table of 6, $160 for a table of 8. Tickets on sale now. Contact one of your bartenders or officers.

Whew, things have been busy with the Auxiliary. We partnered with some area school children to make thank you cards for each of the veterans at the Cameron Veterans' Home. Cheryl Riead and Joan Holcer made contacts with teachers to secure the approximate 200 cards needed as well as securing the delivery. The cards were precious to say the least.

We had a concession stand at the November gun show. This year, we served a special on Friday evening consisting of a pulled pork sandwich, chips, and a drink. This allowed us to serve food without being a burden to the cook serving the members that night. We served our regular menu on Saturday. Thank you to everyone donating a dessert or pies. This has become our trademark! Special thanks to Les Cook, Vicki Lingard, Melvin and Pat Humphreys for cooking. We had wonderful servers and a cashier to work with the vendors and public. Thank you Mary Vulgamott, Diane McKiddy, Joan Holcer, Kay Bellis, and Terri Willard. All of this would not come together as easily if not for Sandy Gwin and her sidekick Dr. Clark Gwin. They do so much planning and running prior to the event that no one can fully appreciate what it takes to get ready for the final day. We had a trainee and future potential member help as well - Vicki's granddaughter Gabby. She is a cutie; and buyers just couldn't help but give her a tip. It is good to see children learning to serve others.

We want to extend our thanks to Dr. Clark Gwin and Danny Williams for laying the tarp loaned to us from the high school in preparation of the annual Holiday Bazaar. Kenny Estes and Cliff McKiddy joined them in setting up tables and chairs as well as getting down all the decorations. These men take direction really well and are patient too! Shirley Marriott and Diane McKiddy sorted decorations and gave them a fluff. Hopefully, we will see great success with the Holiday Bazaar. At the time of this writing it has not occurred, but we are full of vendors and have a few new ones this year.

The next event will be the State Bank Distinguished Citizens' program on Friday, December 4. They have changed this up a bit this year. We are asking for cookies from anyone willing to donate them to us to serve. This has traditionally been our biggest fund raiser. We will need your cookies by Wednesday, December 2, if at all possible. We are also looking for a few workers. This is an easy project with great returns. If cookies are not all consumed at the event we utilize the surplus for the Lodge's Memorial Service the following Sunday. We also deliver cookies to the local law enforcement office and fire department, as well as to House of Prayer, the Women's Shelter and SALT. If you can think of a worthwhile service organization that could benefit from such a nice surprise, let us know and we will see if we have enough to accommodate them. The plates are not necessarily large quantities but they are really appreciated by those receiving them. This is all contingent on the quantities donated. We may not always be able to do this but want to assure you that nothing is wasted.

So have you seen the beautiful quilt made by Mrs. Cliff (Diane) McKiddy that we will be raffling this year at the February gun show? It is red and black. It is a really nice size as it will work for a queen size bed or even a king if used with a ruffle. It will be on display at various events. We are also looking for individuals to sell tickets for us. Contact any of the Auxiliary members for tickets. The Auxiliary is purchasing some additional table carriers for the banquet side on which to store tables when not in use and to make it easier to move them around. Look for them after the first of the year.

After all of the above, I think we get to rest until the February gun show. But then again, you never know about us. We are small in numbers but like to do good things so something else may come up. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you around the Lodge. Be safe and enjoy the season. -- Elks Auxiliary

Hello, who else is rolling around already? I wanted to say that our Thanksgiving feast was exactly that. Lorie Brown has out done herself once again and provided us all with a meal fit for royalty. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the Christmas spread! Okay, maybe I am lying on the floor but will be anticipating it all the same.

As you may be aware, we are implementing a new computer system that the lodge is now using for orders. This is going to take a little bit of time to get the glitches worked out. It will help in many ways, however, and be more efficient for the Lodge. I know it can be an inconvenience sometimes right now, so please accept our apologies as we are learning the best way to better serve you. We appreciate your patience with this tedious process.

The new month will bring a few more changes. You will notice a few faces missing and a few new faces coming on board. Lori and Calvary are moving on and will be missed, but we will be getting staffed back up as soon as we can find the right fit to step in. Please be patient with our girls to help us keep things running smoothly behind the bar. They are hired to do what they do but depend on you to make it something they want to do. Ultimately, they work for kindness and tips. Let's show them that they are worth it.

Every Saturday in December you will be served by several of your own Elks "Celebrities" behind the bar. Come in to let them see you appreciate their donation of time and gratuities. We will also be closing out the year with a spectacular event and bring in 2016 on December 31. We will have a band and the whole nine yards. We would like to see everyone join us, but whatever you do, celebrate responsibly.

And... once again a month has slipped by us, bringing us yet closer to the end of the year. I welcome December and all of the wonderment of the season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -- Joanann Bay, Lodge Manager

The Lodge will close at 6 on Christmas Eve and be closed all day Christmas Day so our employees can spend the holiday with their families.

On Thursday, November 12, the Lodge hosted approximately 160 people for the annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner. Thanks to Brett Romeiser, Nicole Booth and Marcia Weldon for co-chairing the event, Nico'Z for the meal, Hy-Vee for garlic bread, Wal-Mart for the cakes, and to the following volunteers for making the event the success that it was:

Jim Valbracht
Larry Wilson
Gerald Noble
Denny Albertson
Margie Albertson
Harvey Donoho
Amie Kepner
Darren Lauhoff
Steve Howe
Bev Howe
Wilma Graham
Sandy Gwin
Clark Gwin
Daniel Savage
Terry Breer
Nancy Valbracht
Boy Scout Troop 121
Elks care! Elks share!

Come to the Lodge Sunday, December 6, at 3:00 for the annual memorial service where we recognize and honor our departed members. Living or dead, Elks are never forgotten, never forsaken. Stay after the service and enjoy the football game.

It is the Lodge's turn to host the Cameron Veterans Home Bingo game on Saturday, December 5. We need 4 to 6 volunteers. We leave Chillicothe around 1:00, get to Cameron, set up, assist with the game from 2 to 3, then come back home or maybe stop off at the Cameron Lodge. There are few volunteer activities of which we are aware that are more satisfying and leave you feeling better than this one. Support our Vets. Sign up sheet is on the office door.

HOOP SHOOT - December 12
We need volunteers for the Hoop Shoot to be held Saturday, December 12, at 10:00 a.m. at the Y. If you can help, contact Joyce Mollohan or sign up on the volunteer sheet on the office door.

'Tis the season for holidays, service and membership

Christmas is the time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, and when our thoughts turn to family and friends, anticipating good will, social gatherings, gifts and the great foods of the holiday season. It's a wonderful time of year for every Lodge to show its "Elks Pride and Community Focus" by being a beacon of hope for the community and showing that Elks live and Elks give from the heart.

If you have been waiting for just the right opportunity to get more involved in your Lodge, the holidays are the perfect time to get started. There is so much going on at your Lodge, and there will certainly be something that you will enjoy! Why not step forward to participate in the holiday activities at your Lodge or join with other Members in a community service program to help bring a smile to the face of a Veteran or a child, or to assist someone in need? Your efforts will be greatly appreciated, and will fill your heart with the true joy of the holiday season, increase your pride in membership and may even spark a desire to become more involved and active at your Lodge.

In addition, this is a great time of year to attract new Members by showing how Elks Care - Elks Share. As we advance and strengthen our presence in our communities, we also introduce our friends and neighbors to Elkdom and prove ourselves a reliable community partner. Through our enthusiastic volunteer service, we are able to put a face on our Lodges, encourage others to learn more about the Elks, who we are and what we do, and increase the opportunities for new Members to join our Order.

Nancy and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, and a safe and happy New Year.

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Our first Shop With A Cop Dance is November 25 from 8:00 until 1:00. Gold Rush and Dustin Thomas and the 190 Rhythm Section will be playing. Proceeds from the dance will be donated to the Chillicothe Police Department to assist in funding the Annual Shop with a Cop program for Christmas. Around Christmas time, area children get a certain amount of money and get to shop with a cop at our local Wal-Mart. The Kiwanis Club is also participating. Please come out and support this event. Further information to come.

Let your fellow members, particularly our newest ones, know that the newsletter and calendar are available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an email reminder advising when it is available by emailing You may also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of the month. Finally, you may request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting any bartender or Steve Palmer.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

25 Frank Blakemore
26 Larry Willard
27 Paul Churchill
27 Toby Seifert
27 Steve Shoot
30 Scott Johnson
4 Renee O'Neal
5 Greg Flick
6 Shelley Fales
7 Matt Gabrielson
7 Bill Haynes
7 Chris Peery
8 Barrie Bothwell
9 Brian Sherrow
11 Derek Albertson
12 Gayle Gordon
12 Christine Young
14 Randy Roberts
15 Kasey Johnson
16 Ted Surber
17 Dr Brick
17 Michael Leamer
17 John Swartz
17 Darin Ward
18 Darin Newman
18 J C Regan
18 Linda Sapp
19 Jeff Staton
20 Terry Coult
21 Tim Bosler
21 Farrel Hahn
21 Sondra Sturguess
22 Hilary Rasmussen
22 Michael Smith
22 Gary Worman
23 Daniel Akers
23 John Greene
24 Theodore Hicks
25 Steven Clark
25 George Laprade
26 Darrin Crowe
26 Cecil Douglas
28 Chad Brotherton
28 Danny Hind
28 Glenn Tharp
29 William Ross
30 Clark Gwin

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