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JULY 2016...


I can't believe it's already time for the July newsletter! Summer sure is flying by!!

The last month or so has been quite productive at the Lodge. There's new gravel in the back parking lot, a new sidewalk has been poured out front, flag poles painted and repaired, weeds pulled and sprayed, the lawn has been aerated and lots of talk about other projects to do. Thank you to everyone that helped make these things happen and to everyone that continues to keep our lodge looking the best it can!!

It is our turn to host bingo at the Cameron Veterans Home on July 9th. This only takes a few hours out of your Saturday, and you will enjoy it as much as the Veterans do I'm sure. Let me know if you'd like to volunteer a few hours to help out or sign up on the sheet on the office door.

The 20th Annual Golf Tournament is July 23rd. As you know, it takes a LOT of people to run the tournament. There will be signup sheets posted at the Lodge in the next few weeks. Please sign up if you are available and we'll be glad to put you to work helping out. We are also looking for donations for the raffle and $100 Hole Sponsors. If you would like to donate an item to be included in the raffle, contact Dave or Nicole Booth or Keith or I. If you would like to sponsor a hole for $100, we will have a sign made with your name on it to put at the golf course the day of the tournament! You will also be recognized in signage at the Lodge, in the newspaper, on our Facebook page, and in the newsletter. This is one of the bigger fundraisers for the Lodge, and we are looking forward to another great year!!

BIG BIG thanks to Brett Romeiser for taking on the task of planning a chartered bus to take members to a Royals game that so many have asked for the last couple of years. The bus has SOLD OUT!!! It's going to be a GREAT time!! Awesome job Brett and THANK YOU!!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July and that we all take a moment to remember the true meaning of what the holiday, Independence Day, truly means.

I hope you continue to enjoy your summer and look forward to seeing you at the Lodge!

Keep the monthly calendar close so you can keep up on the upcoming events planned at the Lodge! 

-- Amie Kepner, Exalted Ruler

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  • July 4 - Lodge closes at 6 for Independence Day
  • July 9 - Cameron Veterans Home Bingo
  • July 18 - Initiation
  • July 23 - Annual Golf Tournament (Calcutta - July 22)
  • August 25 - Blood Drive


  • July 18 - INITIATION
    (Only one meeting a month in July and August, on the third Monday)


  • Butch Clark, by reinstatement

We will vote on proposed members at our July 18 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is Monday, July 18.

In recognition of the 4th of July holiday, the Lodge will close at 6:00. No meal will be served.

I hope everyone is liking the hot weather. Last month, I commented we could not string a couple of warm days together. Now, we don't seem to get a break from the heat, and it isn't even July yet.

We had a nice Relay for Life Survivor Dinner on June 7th with lots of compliments on the food. This is an event that means a lot to the auxiliary members as members either are a survivor or know someone very close to them who have endured the same as long as they could. A number of guys were gracious enough to set the tables up for us after the June meeting - thank you Kenny Estes, Jeff Frampton, Keith Kepner, Steve Palmer, Everett Shipp and Danny Williams. Thank you Dave Booth for carrying the heavy boxes for me too. Lorie Brown volunteered her time to work her magic making chicken alfredo, spaghetti and Caesar salad that everyone enjoyed and for which we received many compliments. We had wonderful assistance serving the meal and kitchen clean up. It could not be done without all the assistance. Thank you to Margie Albertson, Kay Bellis, Joan Holcer, Bev Howe, Diane McKiddy, Shirley Marriott, Cheryl Riead, Nancy Valbracht, Mary Vulgamott, Gracie Vulgamott, Addison Vulgamott, and Terri Willard for working and/or providing a dessert. Ms. Gracie and Ms. Addison received personal instruction on how to be a good Elk providing service to others by way of their grandma Mary. We saw two more Elks in training that night and what fast learners they were. This group makes everything so easy and worth while. I hope I did not miss anyone but if I did, know your assistance was greatly appreciated as well.

This month, the two table carries the Auxiliary purchased for the lodge arrived. These were purchased to store the large round tables so that we could minimize the potential for injury to anyone and also to make setup easier. Thanks to Dr. Gwin for picking them up and delivering them to the lodge. These were made by the Grand River Technical School students under the supervision of Rusty Black.

Our next event will be the annual golf tournament in July. The Auxiliary has purchased a large television for the lodge's raffle. I am sure we will be around to assist as needed.

Enjoy the summer, have some fun with family and friends, and try to stay cool.

-- Ladies Auxiliary

For the months of July and August, the Lodge only meets once a month, on the third Tuesday. Our July meeting will be July 18.

The Golf Tournament is scheduled for July 23 and 24, with the Calcutta being held on Friday, July 22. We are still looking for teams, hole sponsors and volunteers. If you're interested in registering a team, becoming a hole sponsor, or volunteering on the weekend of the event, contact Dave Booth or Amie Kepner. This is one of our major fund raisers for the year, and it takes a lot of volunteers to make it successful.

It is our turn once again to host the Cameron Veterans Home bingo game on Saturday, July 9. We need 4 to 6 volunteers to make it easy and successful. Families are welcome. Sign up early on the office door or contact Amie Kepner or Steve Palmer. It starts at 2:00 in Cameron. Meet at the Lodge at 1:00 if you want a ride or meet there. Those of us who have volunteered before know of little that takes less time yet makes you feel better after the event is over. Unless you want to visit the Cameron Lodge, you should be home by 4.

Remarkable journey exceeded expectations

What a remarkable year of travel throughout the United States, witnessing the pride, dedication and commitment of Elkdom at every stop along the way. Words could never adequately express the emotions that Nancy and I have experienced, from tremendous joys and uncontrollable laughter to profound sadness, and every emotion in between. Nor could we ever sufficiently express our thanks for your service and for allowing us to play a small part in everything you do as Elks.

As your Grand Exalted Ruler, I have observed the expression of my theme "Elks Pride and Community Focus" in words and deeds. I have seen how Elks Care - Elks Share and the difference you are making with our youth, the military and our veterans. I have witnessed your tireless efforts in our VA homes and hospitals, the training centers for the physically and mentally challenged, the camps and schools for disadvantaged children and those with disabilities, and in so many other worthwhile causes. Indeed, the heartbeat of Elkdom beats throughout this nation, in every corner, along every corridor and in every city and community you serve. It is incredibly exciting to be an Elk and to recognize the gift we have in Elkdom. Our Members are inspired and engaged, our membership is trending in the right direction and we are more relevant today than at any time in our history. Our best days are ahead of us, as we take all that is good about Elkdom and raise it to another level, bringing fun and pride back into our Lodges and focusing on the benefits we offer to our communities.

As Nancy and I end this magnificent journey, please know that you have met and exceeded our every expectation! We are bursting with pride and appreciation, and take with us amazing memories that will last a lifetime. It has been "Grand", and you are indeed the "Best People on Earth."

We currently have 458 members, 65 of whom are still past due. A list of those past due is posted on the hallway bulletin board. If you have yet to pay your 2016-2017, please do so. Your membership card will be mailed to you shortly after payment is received. If you know a past due member, please reach out to them and encourage them to renew their membership. In particular, if you proposed a past due member, see what you can do to get them to renew their membership. Usually a personal invitation is the best way.

Thanks to Fred Hinnen and Hinnen Hauling for the new gravel and leveling the back and side parking lots. It looks great.

Thanks to Darren Crowe and Crowe Concrete and a host of volunteers, including Amie and Keith Kepner, Dave and Nicole Booth, Joey Rinehart, Kenny Estes and Jim Harvey (and anyone we may have inadvertently omitted) for replacing the front sidewalk, painting the sign, painting and rerigging the flag poles and other work. What an improvement!

Thanks to Larry Wilson for cleaning out the flower beds.

Let your fellow members, particularly our newest ones, know that the newsletter and calendar are available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an email reminder advising when it is available by emailing You may also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of the month. Finally, you may request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting any bartender or Steve Palmer.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

JUNE 2016
23 Tom Ashbrook
24 Ryan Colter
24 Jim Lent
25 Darrell Wright
26 Robert Conrad
26 Jerry Miller
27 Tom Barnhart
27 Chris Carr
28 Jason Gault
29 Christopher Cunningham
29 Denise James
29 David Whitt
30 Kenneth Lauhoff
JULY 2016
1 Jim Gillilan
1 Steven Neal
2 James Summerville
4 Ryan Gardner
5 Fred Collins
5 Abby Young
7 Clint Macoubrie
7 Bryan Rouchka
7 Steve Waits
8 Faye Posey
10 Carl McBee
10 Gary McCoy
11 Scott Huddleston
11 Mike Lollar
12 Jason Richey
16 Lewis Baker
16 Anthony Ewing
16 David Gillespie
16 Larry Kiewit
17 Dale Sims
18 Gabe Jones
18 Clayton Wineland
19 Roger Boley
19 Kevin Fender
20 John Marcolla
20 Donald Ware
21 Shane Harkins
21 Joyce Mollohan
22 Mark Brown
22 Matthew Rardon
23 Rex Marshall
24 Jacob Caughron
26 Clint Boon
27 Lyndell Clevenger
28 Steve Pew
28 David Seiberling
29 Harold Grady
29 Darrell Pepper
29 Bernard Ross
30 Marvin Holcer
31 Jason Graves
31 David Mattingly
31 Fred Simmer

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