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MAY 2016...


I'm writing this after a couple of busy days of events that are a BIG part of the reason I became an Elk and enjoy being a part of it so much.

Thank you to everyone that volunteered their time to make the Lodge participation in the SkillsUSA Mock Accident Docudrama a success!! BIG thanks to Dan Graham for choosing the Lodge as the recipient of the grant money he was awarded!

C-T Photo / Brittany Tutt

Thank you to EVERYONE that made the fish fry once again a HUGE success for the Lodge!! This has always been a successful event at the Lodge and the ones that plan it put in a LOT of time to make it happen.

It's these types of things that make me proud to be an Elk. When I first became an Elk, it was to enjoy the atmosphere & a couple of drinks relaxing with friends. Then I started seeing the fun people were having volunteering for the Gun Show, Bingo, Fish Fries, etc. and the good things that their participation was doing to support the Elks. So I got involved here and there and had a blast working with the members on different Lodge activities. Over the years I began to hear, You young kids need to be more involved because us older ones have done it for years and can't do it forever. So, after years of helping with the many different things that the Lodge does and supports... HERE I AM!!! I'm about as involved as I can get! LOL!

I'm looking forward to the upcoming year and know that it's not always going to be easy. But with the support of the great officer group that we have now, the past Officers that still offer support and care about the Lodge, and support from the exceptional members it is going to be great!!

Keep the monthly calendar close so you can keep up on what Lorie's cooking for dinner this month and the upcoming events planned at the Lodge!  -- Amie Kepner, Exalted Ruler

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The Elk and Officer of the Year Awards will be presented at the May 2 meeting.


At this time, 116 members are past due. We need your help in encouraging past due members to renew their memberships. A personal invitation is the best way to do so. A list of past due members is posted on the bulletin board in the hallway. If you know you are past due, won't you consider submitting your dues payment now? Once dropped for non-payment of dues, a member may reinstate by payment of a $15 reinstatement plus pro-rated dues.



  • April 29 - Prepare May baskets with youth at NCMCYF
  • Mother's Day - May 8
  • District VP Visit - June 6
  • Relay for Life Survivor Dinner - June 7
  • Father's Day - June 19
  • Cameron Veterans Home Bingo - July 9
  • 20th Annual Golf Tournament - July 23


  • May 2
  • May 16 - INITIATION


  • Arch Hasslar, proposed by Kenny Estes
  • Ryan Jenkines, proposed by Brian Anderson
  • Ed Englert, proposed by Danny Williams
  • Aaron Baker, proposed by Nicole Booth

We will vote on proposed members at the April 4 meeting.

Our next initiation ceremony is Monday, May 16.

Spring has finally arrived, and we are looking forward to warmer weather. This time of year always revives the spirit. The renewal makes us think about what we can do and what the future holds.

The Auxiliary's next project is the Relay for Life Survivor Dinner scheduled for Tuesday, June 7. That is a change of date so that we avoid conflicts with the RSVP's volunteer recognition dinner. This is always a worthwhile project and one we truly enjoy being able to provide. If you are interested in helping us serve that evening, please let us know.

On a closing note, we lost a long-time supporter with the passing of Mildred Hilt. The Auxiliary is exploring ways in which we might do something for the lodge in her name. If you have ideas, please feel free to share them with one of our members.

-- Ladies Auxiliary

Get out your calendars, sharpen your pencils, and prepare to have a little fun! The Social Committee just can't stop brainstorming and planning to keep the lodge hopping! Look what is happening:

April Reminders:

  • 29 - Making May Day Baskets with the Youth at 211 Locust Street from 1-3pm to take to the Nursing Home for May Day and Kick off National Youth Week
  • 29 - Steak Night. Reservations required.


  • 1 - May Day - Deliver May Day Baskets to Indian Hills. Meet at Elks Lodge at 11:30 a.m.; Beginning of National Youth Week
  • 2 - ELKS MEETING 7:30pm
  • 7 - Elks Derby Party 5:30pm. Potluck, Big Hats and Mint Juleps too!
  • 8 - Mother's Day Program & Brunch 9am-1pm - Please sign up for reservations at the bar.
  • 10 - Taco Tuesday - $2/Tacos $4/ Loaded Nachos
  • 16 - ELKS MEETING 730pm
  • 26 - Party on the Patio (aka OBT!) 6pm-??
    The menu is Burgers & Brats. Please sign up and Golfers... We will have plenty for you too!
  • 28 - Volunteer Bartender & GAME NIGHT!!!

So when you're looking for something to do... Head on down to the Elks Lodge, it's bound to be a good time!

-- The Social Committee

May is busy with events for mom, youth, and vets

May is a great month to showcase our "Elks Pride and Community Focus." Embrace the opportunities to recognize our youth, mothers, veterans and the armed forces and be loud and proud as you conduct and participate in the many Lodge programs and community events intended to honor each of them this month.

May 1-7 is Elks National Youth Week, a great time to showcase our many youth programs and recognize the achievements of our future leaders. The second Sunday in May is devoted to the one whose love and devotion is evident in most young lives, their mother.

Mother's Day is the time to honor and celebrate our mothers and show our appreciation to the special lady who has meant so much to each of us.

May is also dedicated to our military, our veterans, and those who have sacrificed all in the defense of our freedoms. During Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day, we pay tribute to the men and women who served in our armed forces in times of war and in peace. Memorial Day gives us the opportunity to remember those veterans who are no longer with us, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice. Our commitment to veterans and the military has never wavered and is evident throughout the year, and the events of May serve as another reminder to our Members and to the Community that "the BPOE will never forget them."

Memorial Day weekend is considered by many as the official start to summer. Nancy and I wish you a joyful and safe holiday weekend of cook-outs and gatherings with your fellow Elks, family and friends. Finally, best wishes for your new Lodge year. Let's make it the best ever!

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We are a private club comprised of individuals elected by the membership and who pay annual dues for the privilege of belonging. We all learned at our initiation ceremony that the way to prove yourself to be an Elk is by presentation of your membership card. Your membership card is also what provides you physical access to your Lodge, much like a key.

Dues notices were mailed to all members sometime in late February. That gave everyone at least four (4) weeks to pay their dues before April 1, the date on which a member who had not yet paid became past due. To date, 336 members have paid. Many got "Early Bird" stickers for paying before April 1.

We are a private club, not open to the public. If you have not yet paid your 2016-2017 dues, you are not a "member in good standing", and you do not have a membership card. Therefore, you can't prove yourself to be an Elk and you don't have the "key" to access the Lodge.

Our staff has been requested to ask to see membership cards of anyone they buzz in the door in order to make sure those individuals are paid up members. We have also adopted the position that delinquent members who enter the Lodge will not be served until they become members in good standing by paying their dues.

So, if you are currently past due and decide to come to the Lodge, be sure to bring your dues payment with you. We look forward to all members in good standing enjoying their Lodge.

Let your fellow members, particularly our newest ones, know that the newsletter and calendar are available online at shortly before the first of the month. You may request an email reminder advising when it is available by emailing You may also pick up hard copies at the Lodge beginning the last Wednesday evening of the month. Finally, you may request a hard copy be mailed to you by contacting any bartender or Steve Palmer.

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The birthday list is based on some old and perhaps unreliable information. If we have anybody's birthday wrong, or if we are missing yours, please let us know so we can correct it next time. Contact the Lodge (646-5350) or Steve Palmer (247-3280).

APRIL 2016
30 Brian Anderson
MAY 2016
1 Michael Haslar
2 Roger Comer
3 Jeffrey Thomas
4 Nancy Hicks
7 Steve Meservey
8 James Harvey
8 George Hayward
15 Warren Henry
15 James Houseworth
16 Leeroy Schnake
17 David Hague
17 Darren Lauhoff
17 John Lewis
18 Jack Graves
18 Raymond Hamilton
22 William Ream
22 Farrell Warren
23 Kim Griffin
24 Janet Dixon
25 Deborah Walker
26 Austin Busse
26 Bonnie Collier
26 Jeff McDonald
27 Martin Eller
27 Laurie Mallory
28 Penny Kennebeck
29 Kerby Vulgamott

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